Prearrangements FAQs

When you plan in advance, you’re making decisions now based on how you want your service to be in the future. Consequently, you can reduce family concerns at the time of your departure.

When you make arrangements ahead of time, you’ll want to consider the type of service, location, and possible cemetery or burial site.

There are many benefits when you plan your service in advance. There are numerous emotional benefits, as well as monetary advantages. When you make arrangements in advance you have a better opportunity to make educated selections. We can supply additional professional advice on preplanning and prepaying.

There are two parts to pre-planning. The first part is information gathering. The funeral home will keep this information on file until the time of need. The second part is funding the funeral. Your funeral directional will help you in discussing the different options and decide which is best for you. We’ll be happy to discuss these choices with you and allow you to make a decision that best suits your needs.

In most cases, the money will be set aside in an insurance pre-need funeral policy.

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