Monday, October 2, 2023

ADDRESS: 14850 Garrett Ave, Apple Valley, MN 55124

Legacy & Laughter – Celebration of life workshop – crafting your perfect goodbye

You’ve danced through life, celebrating milestones with flair – from unforgettable weddings to golden anniversaries. Now, imagine one more jubilant gathering, shining the spotlight on a lifetime of laughter, love, and legendary moments. By planning ahead, you set the stage for a heartwarming encore, where stories flow and memories sparkle. Let’s come together and craft a celebration as vibrant and memorable as the life you’ve lived!

By planning ahead, you gift your loved ones the peace of knowing everything’s in place, allowing them to truly be in the moment. Let’s create another beautiful memory together.

In This Workshop You Will Learn About:

  • Create Your Celebration, Your Way.
  • Learn About Easy Financing Options.
  • Making Decisions At Your Pace, Stress-Free.
  • No Pressure, Q&A Session.
  • How to Express Your Wishes with Loved Ones.

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