When planning a funeral, one of the many choices you may make is where your nearest and dearest final resting place will be. Depending on whether you pick a cemetery, your home, your garden or some other location, you will need to pick an appropriate protective container. Your funeral director will match your unique needs to all available options, which may contain caskets, vaults, or urns.


Caskets are made in a wide variety of styles and materials. They could be made from inexpensive materials, for example pine or a composite of hardboard, and cost very little. Or they can be quite expensive when made from the finest materials including bronze or mahogany. Stainless steel and steel coffins are also popular alternatives.


Most cemeteries require that coffins be placed in an outer burial receptacle capable of resisting the weight and pressures of the earth above and surrounding the receptacle. Our Merchandise Selection Room provides samples of vaults and other outer burial containers for each family to preview and make their selection of choice.


Our staff can assist with floral tributes from relatives and buddies. A broad variety of collections are available that can be shown at the service, ceremony or visitation.

Register Books, Memorial Folders and Thank You Cards.

A variety of Register Books, Service Folders, and Thank You Cards are available that can reflect the personal interests of the deceased.